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Welcome to the official Garden documentation site 👋
Here you'll find (hopefully) everything you need to know on how to set up and use Garden for your Kubernetes testing, preview environments and development workflows.
To the left you'll find all the different documentation sections. Below you'll find a high level overview of the docs, to help you get your bearings.
If you're new to Garden and are working on setting up your project, we recommend starting from the top and working your way down. The sections generally get more in-depth as you go.
If your team has already set up a project for Garden, and you just need to learn how to use the Garden CLI, you may find it helpful to skip straight to Installation and Using the CLI, but we do still recommend learning How Garden Works and about The Stack Graph and the general terminology.
If you need help as an open source user, please get in touch via our Discord community. Our team monitors it closely, and we encourage you to reach out with questions about Garden.
If you'd like to learn more about Garden Cloud, please see our website.
Here's a rundown of the different sections (the section links point to the first page of each section):
Learn the essentials of how Garden works, and the terminology involved.
​Getting Started​
Follow the steps here to get Garden installed, connected to a cluster, and a simple example project up and running.
​Using Garden​
Here we dive deeper into how Garden is configured, learn more about all the concepts, as well as how to use the Garden CLI.
These get into more specific use cases, and more details on how to configure Garden for certain scenarios.
Similar to the Guides section, but generally more advanced use cases.
Look here for in-depth references for Garden commands and configuration. This includes all the available providers and different module types that you can use to construct your Garden project.
Find our FAQ and troubleshooting guide here, and anything else we couldn't fit into other sections.
If there's something you can't find in our docs, we happily encourage you to join our Discord community and/or file an issue on our GitHub repo. We're more than happy to help!
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