Template Strings

In this section you'll find the schema of the keys available when interpolating template strings, as well as a list of all available helper functions. See our Variables and Templating guide for more information and usage examples.

Note that there are multiple sections, since different configuration types and fields have different templating keys available to them. Please make sure to refer to the correct section.

  • Helper Functions — All available helper functions in template strings.

  • Projects — Keys available to every field in Project configurations.

  • Environments — Keys available in the environments field in Project configurations.

  • Providers — Keys available in the providers field in Project configurations.

  • Action (all fields) — Keys available for built-in fields on action configs.

  • Action specs — Keys available for the spec field on action configs.

  • Modules — Keys available for Module configurations.

  • Remote Sources — Keys available in the sources field in Project configurations.

  • Project Outputs — Keys available in the sources field in Project configurations.

  • Custom Commands — Keys available in exec and gardenCommand fields in custom Command configs.

  • Workflows — Keys available in Workflow configurations.

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