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This section walks you through using Garden with various development tools and programming languages. Our main focus with this section is to provide practical examples and guides that help you effectively leverage the power of Garden. 🚀
Following our Garden Seeds, you'll learn how to streamline your development process, improve efficiency, and quickly build robust applications ✨.


In Languages, you'll find various examples and guides tailored to specific coding languages. Whether you're a Pythonista, a Gopher, or working with other programming languages, we've got you covered!
These seeds offer clear explanations and code samples to help you integrate Garden into your preferred language effortlessly.
Our seeds offer language-specific, opinionated "Happy Paths". In just 5 minutes you'll slash your build and run test times and enjoy rebuild-free container development with Garden's Code Synchronization.


This section provides examples and guides for integrating Garden with popular development tools and platforms 🤖.
From GitHub Actions to GitLab CI, we cover a range of tooling options to help you automate your workflows, deploy your applications, and optimize your environments.


If you have an idea for a new seed or would like to see improvements to existing ones, you can use our feature request template to share your suggestions.
If you encounter any issues or bugs in the seeds, please report them in our main repository. Or join our Discord to talk to our devs or get help.