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If you encounter any issues or bugs 🐛 in this seed, don't hesitate to join our Discord community 🌸 for access to Garden's dedicated Community Engineers and our AI chatbot 🤖 trained on our docs.

Go projects and compiled languages can run seamlessly on Garden, with fast image rebuilds as you type, cached tests and more deployed to any number of local and remote Kubernetes environments 🍃.

This seed deploys a simple Go API using Helm and Garden to template our application and seamlessly deploy it to a local Kubernetes cluster ✅.

In 5 minutes ⌛ you will deploy your own Go code into a Kubernetes cluster with a rebuild-free container using Garden's code synchronization.

Diagram 🖼️

This demo scaffolds a Helm chart we'll deploy to our Kubernetes cluster.


  1. Install Garden CLI and get a Kubernetes cluster running locally by following our quickstart guide 🔎.

  2. Ensure Python is available on your system and version 3.7 or higher by running python --version. MacOS and most Linux distributions will have Python already installed. Follow the official Python installation guide if not. Python is required to scaffold the language seed.

  3. If any of the terminology is unfamiliar, don't hesitate to contact our Community Engineering team over on Discord 💭.


Get your seed running in less than five minutes by running the following commands:

brew install garden-io/garden/garden-cli
brew install cookiecutter
cookiecutter https://github.com/garden-io/go-seed.git
cookiecutter https://github.com/garden-io/go-seed.git # Answers the prompts to get your brand new repository
cd ${your-project-name}
garden deploy --sync

garden deploy --sync will take you to a REPL (Read, Eval, Print, Loop) interactive terminal where you can also run different commands like test unit which will run the unit test built for this HTTP API.

If you want to get your test results with greater detail, use get test-results unit.

If you would like to dive into the code used for this Garden Seed, check out our go-seed repository

Conclusion 🔚

Congratulations 🎉 you have reached the end of this Garden seed.

Because this project has Code Synchronization already configured, you can simply modify your main.go and observe changes live on the synced code path.

Next Steps ⏭️

Continue your Garden Journey. If you wish to learn more about Garden, here are a couple of resources you might find interesting:

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