Kubernetes Pod

For Run and Test actions, either the kubernetes-pod or kubernetes-exec action types can be used.

kubernetes-pod Run and kubernetes-pod test will create a fresh Kubernetes workload and run your command in it. These actions are cached. This means that Garden will not rerun them if the version of the action hasn't changed. If a remote Kubernetes cluster is used, test results are stored there which allows to share test results between the team or CI runs to decrease the number or re-runs.

kubernetes-pod actions don't have to depend on the deploy actions. The manifests are gathered from the kubernetes manifests and deployed to the cluster.

kind: Test
name: vote-integ-pod
type: kubernetes-pod
  - deploy.api
  hostname: vote.${var.baseHostname}
timeout: 60
    kind: Deployment
    name: vote-integ-pod
  command: [/bin/sh, -c, "npm run test:integ"]

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