2. Configure the Provider

The local-kubernetes plugin attempts to automatically detect which flavor of local Kubernetes is installed, and set the appropriate context for connecting to the local Kubernetes instance. In most cases you should not have to update your garden.yml, since it uses the local-kubernetes plugin by default, but you can configure it explicitly in your project-levelgarden.yml as follows:

apiVersion: garden.io/v1
kind: Project
  - name: local
  - name: local-kubernetes
    environments: [local]
    context: minikube

If you happen to have installed both Minikube and a version of Docker for Mac with Kubernetes support enabled, garden will choose whichever one is configured as the current context in your kubectl configuration. If neither is set as the current context, the first available context is used.

(If you're not yet familiar with Garden configuration files, see: Configuration files)

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