Create a project and a cluster

First, follow the steps in GKE's quickstart guide to create a project (if you haven't already) and a Kubernetes cluster.

You can create a cluster either using the gcloud CLI tool, or through the web UIβ€”whichever you find more convenient.

Note: If gcloud throws unexpected permission-related errors during this process, make sure you've been authenticated via gcloud auth login.

Make sure to run

gcloud container clusters get-credentials [your-cluster-name]

to add an entry for your cluster to your local Kubernetes config.

If you run kubectl config get-contexts, the table shown should include a context with a NAME and CLUSTER equal to the cluster name you chose previously.

Select this context if it isn't already selected.

Run kubectl get ns to verify that you're able to connect to your cluster.


When using a GKE cluster with Garden, you can use the following predefined roles:

  • Kubernetes Engine Developer

  • Kubernetes Engine Cluster Viewer

These roles allow users to list all GKE clusters in a project and access the Kubernetes API and objects inside clusters.

To ensure that developers only have access to a single kubernetes cluster, create a separate project for that cluster.

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