Module Configuration

You can define terraform modules as part of your project, which act much like other Garden modules. A terraform module maps to a single service, that you can define as a runtime dependency for any of your other services and tasks. You can also reference the stack outputs of a terraform module using runtime output template strings. For example:
kind: Module
type: terraform
name: tf
autoApply: true
kind: Module
type: container
name: my-container
- name: my-service
# Important! You must declare the terraform service as a dependency, for the runtime template string to work.
dependencies: [tf]
Here we imagine a Terraform stack that has a my-database-uri output, that we then supply to my-service via the DATABASE_URI environment variable.
Much like other modules, you can also reference Terraform definitions in other repositories using the repositoryUrl key. See the Remote Sources guide for details.