Isolated On-Demand Preview Environments

Why isolated on-demand preview environments?

Most teams using Garden use Kubernetes for production. This means they already have their Dockerfiles, manifests and/or Helm charts.

Garden lets them re-use these resources to create isolated preview environments on-demand so that they can:

  • Review changes for every pull request in a production-like environment

  • Easily share work in progress, even before pushing their code

  • Test out their changes as they develop

If your staging environment is a bottleneck where changes get queued up, isolated preview environments might be the solution.

Check out how Slite uses Garden to clear up their once congested staging environment.

How does it work?

Developers run the garden deploy command from their laptops to create a preview environment in their own namespace in the team's remote Kubernetes cluster.

Similarly, Garden can be run from CI pipelines to create isolated preview environments with each pull request, using e.g. the pull request number to isolate the environment. For example, you may have a CI job that runs garden deploy --env preview.

Garden's powerful templating engine ensures that namespaces and hostnames are unique across users and CI runsβ€”and Garden's smart caching ensures creating these environments is blazing fast.

Key features

How can my team get on-demand preview environments?

Teams typically adopt Garden in a few phases and setting up on-demand preview environments tends to be the first one.

So with that in mind, these are the recommended next steps:

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