Using Garden

In this article we discuss how to set up a new Garden project, the basic development workflow, how Garden's providers work, and the basics of testing and dependencies.

This one is all about Garden's configuration files—an overview of project and module configs, setting up services, and a primer on tests.

Most of these guides currently focus on local development. If you'd like to use a remote cluster, though, check out this guide.

This article discusses how to use hot reloading, so that you can update running services on the fly as you make changes to their code, without losing state and without having to destroy and re-create containers.

The Helm package manager is one of the most commonly used tools for managing Kubernetes manifests. Garden supports using your own Helm charts, alongside your container modules. This guide shows you how to use 3rd-party (or otherwise external) Helm charts, as well as your own charts, in your Garden project. We also go through how to configure tests, tasks and hot-reloading for your charts.