Welcome to the official Garden Cloud and Garden Enterprise documentation site 👋

Garden Cloud and Garden Enterprise are distributions of the same application. On this site, you'll hopefully find everything you need to use either product. We'll generally refer to the application as Garden Cloud.

If you're looking for the documentation for Garden Core, the open source companion to Garden Cloud, you'll find them here.

In the following pages, we'll assume you already have access to a Garden Cloud instance or that you have a Garden Enterprise license. If not, head to our website to request access.

Here's a rundown of the different sections (the section links point to the first page of each section):

About Garden Cloud

Garden Cloud is built on top of the open source Garden Core with a special focus on providing value for teams using Garden Core.

It adds features that both extend Core's capabilities and amplify the day-to-day experience.

You can learn more about the different pricing plans on our website.

Garden Cloud is under heavy development and we have some exciting stuff coming up!

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